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MineralWare Commercial Office

This bright futuristic office is an example of a modern, functional design with a sophisticated and clean aesthetic, while still being comfortable and efficient. We love giving office spaces the finishing touch with accessories, fabrics, plants and art to make the office “pop” and feel alive. This color palette, along with the accessories, work to create a sophisticated and perfect balance when presented in the office setting.

The combination of the natural wood finishes and the gorgeous greenery creates a mature but exciting area that welcomes you into the open and airy office space. Accessories like plants and rugs can really pull a space together and give it the finishing touch. The room comes together with a modern and detailed rug that pulls from the natural earth tones of the space. A closer look at the accessories show that beauty is in the details. Anyone walking by is sure to be blown away by the beauty of this space.

Beautiful covered pillows and small accessories bring the space together and make it more comfortable for the people that will be using the space to relax. A little touch of greenery can make a small space more interesting and visually pleasing.

Here at Susan Semmelmann Interiors we manufacture custom bedding and drapery as well as carry furniture, art, lamps, floral, rugs and fabrics allowing us to give an exquisitely unique design for our clients. Colorful and bold pillows with an interesting pattern create a focal point in this space and provides comfort for the user. Small accessories and interesting wall treatments make the eating area come together. The amazing conference area boasts a beautiful view and showcases accents of green throughout the space.