My Story


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My story

“I’m passionate about bringing my clients' dreams and visions to life.”

“I believe that the spirit of living is in the giving. I have been in the construction and design world for 23 years and am passionate about helping others help others. A home is personal, it is about you and your lifestyle, how you live and what you want to feel when you are in your happy place. It's called home because it is where we find life. I want to give you what you want in design so that you will get back the experiences and memories of knowing it was designed around you and what you see for yourself and those you want to share with. I have been married for 25 years, have a beautiful family with three children and love being involved in the community and love working with charities that are very personal to me. I appreciate all of life's blessings and I want to give back all that I can so that others can experience a fun, exciting transition in their home that happens through trust, faith, and fellowship. Life isn't about what you get, it's about what you give, and I want to give what I have to you.” - Susan Semmelmann

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“The Spirit of Living is in the Giving” - Susan Semmelmann

23 years of Uncompromised Style

Susan Semmelmann delivers an outcome that is unique and creative while making the experience fun and exciting. She believes in honesty and sincerity while caring about the satisfaction of each customer.