Marvelous Marble

At Susan Semmelmann Interiors we are all about creating beautiful and personalized spaces for our Dallas Fort Worth interior design clients. It is our absolute joy to help each client through the process of choosing the full spectrum of design elements that will transform their house in to their home, and we also use our extensive experience and expertise to teach and inform as we go. For instance, as our clients consider a myriad of flooring, tile, and hard surface options we always take lifestyle and long-term expectations in to consideration before making a final decision. One very beautiful and timeless option is marble, as a design choice it is glamorous, luxurious, and completely unique, it has a personality all its own and can truly be considered a natural art form in and of itself. No two slabs of marble are the same, each having its own variation of veining and pattern, a distinctive fingerprint for the home chosen specifically by each client. Marble is known to be ever changing as it adapts to slight variations in its environment, absorbing oils from the skin, reacting subtly to heat and light, and taking on small surface abrasions from normal wear and tear referred to as etching. To live with marble is to embrace its beauty regardless of any imperfections, and to know that these beauty marks are simply evidence of life lived to the fullest in your home. Let us help you choose the best options for your home with the confidence of knowing that you will love it now and for years to come! Take in some gorgeous marble design inspiration from, @mrcurtiselmy and @studia_54 (see images for details).

Susan Semmelmann