Generational Blessings

Integrity, honesty, reliability, family; at Susan Semmelmann Interiors we love to partner with companies who share our values and dedication to the things that matter most, businesses that are simply a beautiful product of the foundation upon which they are built. Family-owned-and-operated and proudly American-made, Massoud (@massoud_furn) is a company we can get behind and rely upon to provide the best quality available for our Dallas Fort Worth interior design clientele. Fifty years of commitment to excellence and ethical business practices underpins everything they do, which makes their product lines a definite go-to for us. Not only can they be relied upon to deliver what they promise, they are always on the forefront of design with a perfect marriage of craftsmanship and creativity. Their style is defined as “classic, innovative, and always mindful of timeless taste.” We couldn’t agree more. As the generations at Massoud work to bring their best to the marketplace, let us help bless the generations in your life by creating a beautiful home as a joyful gathering place for your family for years to come. Be inspired by these dreamy images and begin dreaming about how we can help make them a reality for you!

Susan Semmelmann