Leave a Legacy

Have you ever stopped to consider what it truly means to leave a legacy? At Susan Semmelmann Interiors we believe that the footprint we leave for generations to come and the way in which we honor generations past is at the very heart and soul of what we do. In much the same way that we are concerned with the vital importance of a proper home foundation in the construction detailing process, we also contend that a rock-solid personal and professional foundation built on the cornerstones of faith, family and community is of equal significance. Speaking of community, we love to combine the home design dreams and plans of our Dallas Fort Worth interior design clients with our generous selection of vendor lines who carry our common values and provide top-of-the-line service, one of which is Paul Robert Furniture. In addition to their refusal to compromise their tight-knit family connection, they hold a gold standard for their methods of operation, from earth-friendly practices to best quality construction and cutting-edge style, and they are fully committed to offering nothing-less-than-excellent product lines. In their words: “Our mission is to be a leader in design and quality while bringing style and comfort to your home. We value our employees, the earth we share and the legacy we create. After more than thirty years in business, our principles remain the same as the day we were established.” Let us help you create a part of your legacy by designing the perfect gathering space for your family, loved-ones, and generations to come with the help of amazing companies like Paul Robert Furniture!

Susan Semmelmann