The Glass Wall

The glass wall…have you ever considered incorporating this element in to your home design plan? If not, let’s dream about that possibility for a minute, let’s get creative with the areas in your home that could benefit from the elegance of a beautiful glass feature. Whether re-imagining a space or designing one from the ground up, interior glass walls are a viable option to consider, lending an open concept feel while also providing a layer of separation and a clear definition of each space for its intended purpose and function. In addition, they allow for the continuation of a design aesthetic to be carried from one room to the next with an uninterrupted view. In our opinion, some designs just weren't created to be covered up! At Susan Semmelmann Interiors we love the opportunity to think outside of the box with our Dallas Fort Worth interior design clients, to bring down confining walls, let in some breath and light, and add wow factor in the process. These inspirations showcase the varied uses of interior glass walls, beginning with the sweeping two-story living room feature wall, to the gorgeous steel and glass study nestled off of the living and dining areas, then the jaw-dropping closet design with floor-to-ceiling glass doors, and finally, the stunning full-length glass wall with accordion doors partitioning the dining room from the kitchen. There are so many options to consider during the home design and construction detailing process, let us help you choose wisely and see your plans clearly - hopefully we’ve inspired you to add a touch of glass! (for image and design credit @studioantonini @luxemagazine @clacar83

Susan Semmelmann