Transitional Interior Design

Transitional interior design beautifully marries traditional and contemporary design elements to create a space of timeless refinement and soft, clean lines. In this particular style, gone are the deep jewel tones, dark wood accents, and ornate styling of traditional interiors, giving way to a more soothing, neutral palette that becomes the perfect backdrop for trademark furnishings and stand-out architectural elements. While key traditional features like coffered ceilings, crown molding and wood paneling remain present in transitional design, they are elevated by the use of airy paint colors and set off by the combination of elegant foundation pieces and accents that lean in the direction of sleek and contemporary. Transitional design takes another cue from contemporary in that it forgoes heavy drapery in order to encourage the natural light and organic feel that are part of its signature. These featured images from Bernhardt Furniture Company (@bernhardtfurniture) capture the essence of this style perfectly. The gorgeous lines and unique profile of their workmanship are showstopping in any room, their work always stands the test of time and trend. At Susan Semmelmann Interiors we pride ourselves in offering the very best to our Dallas Fort Worth interior design clients, Bernhardt Furniture Company makes that easy!

Susan Semmelmann