Mirror Images

Merriam-Webster defines the word “mirror” as something that gives a true representation, at Susan Semmelmann Interiors our goal is to work with our Dallas Fort Worth interior design clients to make sure that every home or project is a true representation of each individual style and that the desired outcome is met, or preferably, surpassed. One design element that we love to incorporate in any space is in fact, the mirror! Mirrors are multifaceted and multi-dimensional with endless variations of form and functionality. A perfectly designed and placed mirror has the capacity to be the focal point of any space as it captures the light, provides a fresh and unique perspective on its surroundings, and gives a room a sense of depth and layering that would otherwise be lost in its absence. These beautiful inspirations from Studia 54 (@studia_54) perfectly showcase the mirror as an integral piece contributing to the overall look and feel of each space, lending to the notion that, aesthetically speaking, some things are worth repeating. At Susan Semmelmann Interiors we believe that there is great beauty in a well-designed room reflecting back upon itself, let us help you have great admiration for the reflections you see in your home!

Susan Semmelmann