Creating Your Masterpiece

As Taylor King (@taylorkingfurniture) so eloquently declares, “A great piece of furniture is like a beautiful painting -- an exquisite find that enriches your life and your home.” Perfectly said and oh so true. Taylor King is masterful at timeless style and design married with beautiful fabrics and textures, their offerings range from luxurious neutrals to bold color and elegantly playful patterns and they are a go-to product line for our Dallas Fort Worth interior design clients. Their furnishings are fully customizable from fabrics to finishes to trim so the sky is the limit on available options. At Susan Semmelmann Interiors we love to walk our clients through the process of finding the perfect look and feel for their space and Taylor King provides options that are fresh, fabulous, and wonderfully unique. As stated by the company, “Since our inception, we’ve maintained our passion for handcrafting custom upholstered furniture with finesse and tailored precision. As a community of individuals, each and every one of us takes tremendous joy in transforming furniture into lasting works of art for the discerning home.” Proudly American made for more than 40 years, Taylor King painstakingly sources materials and textiles to find the very best so we can offer that to you as we transform your home in to a masterpiece!

Susan Semmelmann