Illuminate Your Home

Lighting done well, with proper design and attention to detail, can easily be the star of the show in any room. From the iridescent beauty of stunning chandeliers, pendants and sconces to the subtle highlighting of cabinetry, shelving, niches and recessed features, lighting plays a dual role of accessory and utility and is not to be considered an afterthought. There is a big difference between simply lighting a room and illuminating a room. Il·lu·mi·nate: [iˈlo͞omə nāt] VERB light up, decorate (a building or structure) with lights for a special occasion. Yes! Everyday life is a special occasion and your home should be designed with that in mind. At Susan Semmelmann Interiors we work closely with our Dallas Fort Worth interior design clients to create their desired environment from the ground up and the inside out. Lighting design is key to creating depth, dimension, mood, ambiance and energy in every space from grand living rooms to gorgeous powder baths. These images from showcase the brilliant use of lighting as an integral design element. Let us help elevate your home and make your spaces shine like the gems they are!

Susan Semmelmann