The Dream Closet

Have you ever considered your closet to be an additional living area in your home? At Susan Semmelmann Interiors we believe that a well-ordered, luxuriously appointed closet can absolutely be a place of peace and respite amid the busyness of this fast-paced world. When working with our Dallas Fort Worth interior design clients we love the opportunity to take part in the construction detailing process so a specialty feature like this can be incorporated in to the plan from the ground up. The possibilities are truly only limited by the imagination, and we put our wildly creative imaginations to work for each of our clients! Even when working within an existing space, there are countless configuration options that can be implemented to revamp and beautify any closet. As these design inspirations clearly represent, the goal is to create a signature ambiance, an environment that can be claimed as a personal oasis, a place to sit for a moment and prepare for the day ahead, or better yet, shake off the day in the evening and get ready to rest and relax. From lighting to lounging to leveling up your closet storage and organization layout, Susan Semmelmann Interiors is here to help every client realize their dreams, or in this case, their dream closets! (see images for design credit)

Susan Semmelmann